In which I come over all Daily Mash

People in Edinburgh fell about laughing yesterday as a protest against 20mph limits attracted a vast crowd of 39 people. The protesters, who wanted to retain their rights to intimidate old ladies and children, make streets more unpleasant places with increased noise and pollution, burn more petrol, encourage the “school run” and discourage children walking or cycling to school, and travel at a speed where accidents are more likely to seriously injure or kill, don’t seem to care that 40% of households in Edinburgh don’t have access to a car, or that 60% of respondents to a survey were in favour of 20mph limits. No, they just want to drive about as fast as possible.

Cyclists in the city, meanwhile, are not going to point out that 4000 people turned up to ask for safer speeds where people live, work and play, strategic & joined up road user training, sensible road traffic law and enforcement, a reduction of the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians, and a bunch of other good things. No, they aren’t going to mention that at all.


1 thought on “In which I come over all Daily Mash

  1. The vast crowd of 39 people! Loved that sarcasm. 🙂
    It is indeed a pity that the might of the motor a coveted area and hence placed high above safety of fellow human beings. As a result motorists look down on pedestrians and cyclists alike. I’m trying to raise my voice against this practice (no matter how small, I want to write about it) in my city.

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