On a guilty plea

A year ago my triathlon clubmate Andrew McMenigall and his colleague Toby Wallace were killed on the first day of a cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats for charity. Yesterday the lorry driver who killed them pleaded guilty to two counts of death by dangerous driving, and a further count of dangerous driving on a later occasion. (BBC report, EEN report.) That later occasion astonishes me – you’ve been involved in an incident which has resulted in the deaths of two people and you don’t make any changes to the way you drive? Or even think about what you are doing?

The driver will get his sentece reduced for pleading guilty, of course. That is the way our justice system works. But I really hope they take his licence away for a good long time. Arguing that he needs his licence to do his job is like saying Rolf Harris should continue to have access to children because he’s always worked as a children’s entertainer. Find a different job, Mr Lorry Driver, one where you’re not going to kill people.


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