On infrastructure “improvements”

 I went out on my Time Trial bike for the first time in a while recently. One of the things I don’t really like about the TT bike is how unstable it feels. It takes some getting used to. So I decided to go along the cycle path where it would be quiet and I wouldn’ t have to worry about traffic. Not perhaps what you would expect from someone on that kind of bike, you’d expect them to be confident. Not necessarily.

Anyway, the other reason for going that way was to have a look at some stuff they’re doing at a couple of places along the route. The first is a major path junction. I assume someone has been concerned about the speed some cyclists come through there, as they’re putting rumble strips in.

IMGP1325 IMGP1330 IMGP1324

They’re not very bumpy, really – no worse than some of Edinburgh’s roads… I’m not sure what I make of them – they’ll slow me down, but if you’re confident and don’t mind the rumble too much then you won’t slow down so much, and I guess it is the person who will try and take them fast who is exactly the person they want to slow down. Just like road humps, really…

Here are some more views of the junction works.



The second photo shows some slightly random tactile paving for the visually impaired. I’m not sure what it is supposed to be warning of – I assume the road, though it is not that close to the road.

After that, I went on to look at the work they’re doing on the “Golf Course Path”. This path is closed while they’re working on it. To start with I understand the warnings of the diversion were not very good, but they’re improved that:


It looks like a reasonably good path (though it isn’t that wide, for a busy shared-use path…), and they’ve got some serious machinery out…

IMGP1334 IMGP1335 IMGP1336


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