On a shopping trip

Today I went shopping and bought this:

Stock pot
and got it safely home, bungeed onto the back rack of the Brompton (in its box, I might add…) I’d made sure I had some string with me which I tied across the box, but really, it felt pretty secure with just the bungee cords on. I was a bit worried about the glass lid (to be honest, I didn’t really want a glass lid, but there didn’t seem to be such a thing as a stock pot without a glass lid), but when I unpacked it I found that it was well protected with cardboard. I still went much more slowly than usual. I hate having to cycle slowly – I feel more vulnerable for some reason.

I went in and out of various shops on Princes Street this morning, so when I was getting dressed I decided I’d wear a skirt, rather than having to faff around with trouser clips. Unfortunately all my skirts are office skirts! So on my top half I wore an old tee-shirt, a fleece and my casual coat, and then on my bottom half I wore a black knee-length skirt, tights, and my work shoes! It all worked fine, though. I’d have just looked a bit odd if I’d taken off my coat…

There aren’t any bike racks on Princes Street, but they have quite recently put in a few “cycle hoops” on some of the lamp posts on the same side of the road as the shops. I never found an empty one when I wanted one, though, so I just used the railings on the other side of the road. It was relatively early on a Sunday, so the road was quiet and I got back and forth quite quickly. Not that there’s any point in providing bike racks, of course, as people might want to buy big things like saucepans that you couldn’t possibly transport on a bicycle…

(Yes, I could have got the bus. But that would have cost me £3. And going up and down the street to go into different shops is much quicker by bicycle.)


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