On a shopping trip

Today I went shopping and bought this:

Stock pot
and got it safely home, bungeed onto the back rack of the Brompton (in its box, I might add…) I’d made sure I had some string with me which I tied across the box, but really, it felt pretty secure with just the bungee cords on. I was a bit worried about the glass lid (to be honest, I didn’t really want a glass lid, but there didn’t seem to be such a thing as a stock pot without a glass lid), but when I unpacked it I found that it was well protected with cardboard. I still went much more slowly than usual. I hate having to cycle slowly – I feel more vulnerable for some reason.

I went in and out of various shops on Princes Street this morning, so when I was getting dressed I decided I’d wear a skirt, rather than having to faff around with trouser clips. Unfortunately all my skirts are office skirts! So on my top half I wore an old tee-shirt, a fleece and my casual coat, and then on my bottom half I wore a black knee-length skirt, tights, and my work shoes! It all worked fine, though. I’d have just looked a bit odd if I’d taken off my coat…

There aren’t any bike racks on Princes Street, but they have quite recently put in a few “cycle hoops” on some of the lamp posts on the same side of the road as the shops. I never found an empty one when I wanted one, though, so I just used the railings on the other side of the road. It was relatively early on a Sunday, so the road was quiet and I got back and forth quite quickly. Not that there’s any point in providing bike racks, of course, as people might want to buy big things like saucepans that you couldn’t possibly transport on a bicycle…

(Yes, I could have got the bus. But that would have cost me £3. And going up and down the street to go into different shops is much quicker by bicycle.)


On anti-speeding

I came across this old blog post (from 2012) from Bicycle Dutch the other day. It is about a speeding campaign in Holland, showing the driver who has injured someone addressing their victim – not in a sympathetic way, but making excuses for why they were speeding.

I did wonder what these adverts would look like if they were remade for British TV. I wonder if they might be a bit harder hitting – the victims in the Dutch adverts are all conscious (though with broken limbs) – I wonder if in Britain the victims might be shown unconscious, more seriously injured. With the feeble excuses over the top I think it would be quite powerful.

I had another thought about speeding the other day. I think some people who drive at over the marked speed limit believe that the speed limit should be higher. I wonder what would happen if people who believe that the marked speed limit should be lower drove at the lower speed limit? 20 instead of 30 in built up areas is the obvious example. I wonder if it would just cause impatient people to get cross and pull stupid overtakes? 

I thought one could call it “anti-speeding”… I don’t drive very often, so I don’t know if or when I’ll ever try this myself. Do you think it would have any effect?

On Christmas presents

This is a present I got from my Wonderful Boyfriend’s mother:

Front of top

Front of top

It is a rather nice top. Here’s the back view:

Back of top - note extra pocket

Back of top – note extra pocket

Yes – it is a cycling top. I really like the pattern, and the fact that it is a bit feminine without being pink, or pale purple, or any of the other colours that “they” seem to think women want. It fits very nicely, too.

And where did WB’s Mum get this? Well, the good news is, she got it in Lidl (I can tell from the label – I have other clothes from there – it is reasonable stuff, given the price). The bad news is, it wasn’t in this country…

I also got this from WB:

Pimp my Brompton

Pimp my Brompton

I haven’t fitted them yet; I’m sure they’ll brighten my otherwise all-black Brompton up nicely…