On motorway driving

I need to have a rant.

Why do drivers on motorways insist on bombing up behind a slower moving car and jamming on the brakes at the last possible moment? The car has been in your lane, doing that speed, for a while, if you were paying attention you’d have slowed down sensibly and positioned yourself an appropriate distance behind it. It isn’t going to vanish for your convenience.

Yes, one is allowed to drive at 70 in any lane. No, I will not speed up just because you are filling my entire rear view mirror, Mr Otherwise-law-abiding-motorist.

Surely we all know that “driving too close to the vehicle in front” is dangerous? That’s how things like the Sheppey crossing pile-up happen. Do people just not know how close “too close” is?

I think my wonderful boyfriend drives too close to the car in front. He thinks I leave stupid amounts of space. He also doesn’t like my habit of easing off the accelerator if someone pulls in too close in front of me. He says I’m “going backwards”. Eh? It isn’t a race, and we’re going forwards at 60 – 70 miles an hour. (I can’t face having an argument with him about this, although I think I can argue that what he’s doing is dangerous and I think he’d be harder put to suggest that leaving lots of space in front of you is…)

There. Got that off my chest. That’s better.


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