On a weekend in the West (3) – risk, roads and other ramblings

So last Sunday I finally got up a hill, having decided that I didn’t fancy any of the big hills that I’d passed on the previous two days while walking on my own, and having failed to persuade anyone to join me. The hill I did go up was “only” a Corbett, jsut behind the Kingshouse in Glencoe. I think I made a pretty good choice – the southern side, where I went up, had been well stripped of snow lower down. There was more snow higher up, but by then the angle of the slope was easing. There was some really impressing rime ice on the summit rocks and trig point. Good views north, as well as an unusual angle on Buachille Etive Mor.

I did a fair amount of driving over the weekend, not something I enjoy doing. I do try not to worry about the impatient person behind me and think about the road ahead. It is always had to decide if I’m too cautious or the other person is going too fast. People who overtake me on straights when I’m doing 60 in a 60 limit I can live with, as it were – it is their choice to break the law. It is the twisty sections where an appropriate speed is more debatable that worry me. Anyway I got less stressed about it than I do sometimes.


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