On snow, ice and falling off a bicycle

On Sunday night, it snowed. On Monday morning, there was quite a lot of slush even on the main roads, but by Monday evening that had all gone. Our side road was still covered by packed snow, and I suppose that should have warned me that cycling to the club swim was not such a good idea – but that is how I always go, it is by far the quickest way. So off I went, running late as usual. The main roads were fine as I expected, but the nice quiet back roads, the ones that are marked as a cycle route, were all covered with the same hard packed snow that was rapidly being polished to ice. So it was inevitable that eventually I would fall off. I banged my head quite hard, and was glad that the icy conditions had lead me to wear my helmet, something I don’t usually do on the Brompton (helmet wearing needs a whole post of its own. Something for another time.)

And I thought, all the main car roads have been cleared, but this route, that is supposed to be a cycle route, it has not been cleared. Are cyclists supposed to stay indoors when it snows? And that made me cross.

And that is why I decided to start this blog.


3 thoughts on “On snow, ice and falling off a bicycle

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